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PT. Bintang Baja Sinar Cemerlang

Our Company, PT Bintang Baja Sinar Cemerlang Is a trading company, founded in 1991 by professionals with long experience in international commerce and shipping.


We trade varioust product namely:
Fertilizers: Urea, DAP, Rock Phosphate, Ammonium Sulphate, etc.
Chemical: Anhydrous ammonia
Oil and Gas product
Coal and Agricultural Product such as Sugar, Palm Oil, etc.



Trading Network

We have a long standing relationship with major players in the fertilizers industry in Asia Pacific regions. Our company, considered one of the largest fertilizers trades in Indonesia, very active in exporting bulk and bagged urea to nearby markets as: Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippine. While on import side, we purchase Ammonium Sulphate, MOP and DAP from our trading partner in Russia, Korea and China for supplying local markets in Indonesia.

For chemical product, we are main supplier of Anhydrous ammonia for Philippines and Korea.

PT. Bintang Baja Sinar Cemerlang maintains close contact with all its trading network by sharing information and finding potential markets for its product. In this way it is hoped that our custumers linked to the best markets from time to time.



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